The Cooper Point Journal (March 07, 2018)


The Cooper Point Journal (March 07, 2018)
7 March 2018
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FROM THE ARCHIVES Student throws up their arms in glee under an ignited United States flag
during GulfWar protests on The Evergreen State College campus. Taken by Steve Davis in 1991, courtesy of

The Evergreen State College Archives.



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1,l}r◊wn student at a departme~l'l5oi¢ _;;nt SHAUNA BITTLE.


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By The Cooper Point Journal Staff
On February 5 legal
representation for Stacy Brown,
former Chief of Police for The
Evergreen State College sent
a letter addressed to Aileen
B. Miller, Assistant Attorney
General and representative of
The Evergreen State College
(TESC) alleging that Stacy
Brown resigned from The
because the College was a
hostile work environment.
In the letter, Brown's attorney
Christopher John
alleges, "there was not only a
pervasive hostility towards law
enforcement, in general, at the
college, but also towards her,
specifically and that some of
that hostility was based on her
gender and, at times her race".
It goes on to say, "[Brown] was
subjected to discriminatory
actions and comments from
College employees and College
administration, as well as
attacks on her character and
gender by the student body that
were either ignored, supported,

or implicitly condoned by the
College adrcinistration," and,
"that the• College failed to
reasonably respond to a flier
being posted around Campus
depicting Ms. Brown in a ·
racially and sexually explicit
manner." Much of the letter-..
describes hostility particular
to Evergreens ideological
law enforcemen~ but the
allegations focus in on . the
protected classes of gender and
race to make its afguments.
The letter finally alleges, "that
the hostile environment left
her with no choice but to
resign from the College."
Presumption of Brown's
success as a Chief of Police is
paramount to the litigation, as
it says, "after riding through
the ranks in Lewis County as
a deputy, detective, sergeant,
detective sergeant, and finally
deputy chief, Chief Brown
believed the position with
TESC was an opportunity to
gain experience as a chief and

advance her career. Her career
goal was to work as the chief
for TESC with the hope of
someday advancing to a chief
The letter later says, "When
she accepted the position
with TESC, Chief Brown's
career was advancing and she
seemed to be well on her way
to bigger and better things."
Near. the end, under the
Damages" the letter goes in to
details of the alleged losses it
proposes: "While Chief Brown
enjoys her [current] work
environment with the City of
Tumwater, after 27 years in law
enforcement, Chief Brown is
faced with the reality of being
required to essentially start back
from the beginning in terms
of career progressio~. With
the City of Tumwater, Chief
Brown is the patrol officer with
the least seniority. By accepting
the City ofTumwater position,
Chief Brown was forced to
take a pay cut in excess of

$15,000 per year. The damage
to Chief Brown's reputation
as a potential Chief of Police
is damaged beyond repair."
The litigation alleges that
two emails, including a picture
of bacon sent from a student
member stating that "the police
were basically fascists and the
events that occured at Chief
Brown's swearing in were to
be expected", were sent by two
male staff and were directed at
her specifically because of Ms.
Brown's gender. The Cooper
Point Journal can confirm that
in spite of the degendering
language of the litigation, the
student employee in question
is not male, and in fact her
State ID is labeled female.
Another allegation revolves
around a flier that was present
during part of the protests
last year with an illustration
the litigation says depicts
Brown, "wearing suggestive
clothing, a KKK type hood,
and holding a geoduck that

appears to be ejaculating," as
the letter to Miller explains.
The letter also contains
allegations regarding The
Flaming Eggplant restaurant
and The Cooper Point Journal
(CPJ), to which Brown alleges
that anti-police sentiment, and
clearly untrue "discriminatory
and derogatory statements
about her" were allowed to
be posted and published
by Tom Mercado, f:ormer
Director of Student Activities
was a female police chief.
The anti-police sentiment
allegedly includes employees
from The Flaming Eggplant
oinking at the police and
the CPJ publishing several
Brown's interview with the
paper and issues of policing
in general. The Cooper Point
articles regarding policing
during Brown's tenure, but the
only article mentioned in the
letter was a student of color



when she moved to Washington
with her son in 2015, near her
eldest sister who already lived
in the state. Hopson confided
in her sister how she liked that
people in Washington were not
as judgemental, and Snyder got
the sense that her sister's recovery
was doing better despite some
pitfalls, with H opson preparing
to begin to get her nursing license
reinstated before she lost her life.
The night following Hopson's
death a march was organized in
memorial and in protest of her
death with about fifty community
downtown Olympia. Protesters
march~ in remembrance of
Hopson· and in protest against
Hopson's name alongside the
names of Charleena Lyles, a
pregnant black · woman who
was shot and killed by Seattle
police last summer, and John T.
Williams, a member of the Nuuchah-nulth tribe who was killed
by a Seattle officer in 2010. As
the protest grew the crowd flowed
out onto 4th Avenue, eventually
blocking traffic. A video from
· the scene shows a silver Toyota
Tundra as it inches up to the
crowd, then revs forward into the
crowd despite people attempting
to guide the driver elsewhere.
Screams abounded as multiple
protestors were rammed by the
and other witnesses say that in
those moments of chaos someone
pulled out a gun and threatened
the protesters with it. An
ambulance showed up, then police
in riot gear, waving their own
guns around the scattered crowd,
although the police reports from
the night of the protest obtained
by The Cooper Point Journal
from OPD make no mention of
the vehicle driving into traffic.
· Organizing has continued as
officials churn out their reactions
to Hopson's death and the
protest that followed. Olympia
City Council Member Renata
Rollins spoke at a community
gathering at the Artesian Well
last week offering ~ondolences for
Hopson's family, and there was
a public hearing on February 20
hosted by the group De-escalate
Washington about a proposed
initiative to restructure the ways
that police are held accountable
for use of deadly force.
Vaneesa Hopson is survived
by her two sisters and her
son, who was
released to the custody of
her eldest sister the morning

JJ©~i @~~~©~ fe\~~(Q)(W,fM(C~~
(C(Q)~@~~~~~©~fe\[L ~fl[Q)

Milo Yiannopoulos cir Richard
Spencer, but they dra\f feverous
media attention, often with focus
on what national media has
proposed as the chaotic nature of
•Jeft wing anti-fascist organizers.
This type of media attention was
By Jasmine Kozak- Gilroy
felt by the Evergreen community
On February 25, 2018 Joey "Life is about to change big time, moderate left for free speech when, following the protests
Gibson, best known as founder ~oth personally and politically. and civil discourse. Their events in last spring, Patriot Prayer
and leader of right-wing group 2018 will be a crazy journey." regularly attract white nationalist hosted a "Free Speech Rally" on
Patriot Prayer, announced 1).is.
Gibson, who hails from and neo-Nazi participants, and The Evergreen State College
Washington Camas, Washington,' became a several high profile members of campus that was widely reported.
Joey Gibson was at the
State Senator during an "indoor public figure when he started Patriot Prayer are also members
freedom rally" at the Red Cross organizing Patriot Prayer in 2016, of the Pacific Northwest faction rally, and took the lead rallying
Building at Tue Historic Reserve branding the political group as a of the Proud Boys, a "western participants by speaking to the
Washington. response to what he perceived as chauvinist" men's organization crowd saying, "Hopefully when
At the event, advertised as violent attacks on the concept of who "refuse to apologize for the students leave here today
"Indoor Freedom Rally Major free speech, and framing what creating the modem world" and they don't think we are a bunch
Announcement" on Facebook, he·· ·has called his "conservative who also adminately deny being a of white supremacists." Tue
Gibson announced that he will libertarian" platform with calls for part of the Alt-right espousing a event was held on Red Square
be challenging incumbent junior prayer and non- violence. Patriot similar, "anti-political correctness" and the campus round-a-bout
Senator Maria Cantwell for her Prayer gained notoriety for a and "anti-white guilt" agenda. featured a smattering of far right
seat in the United States ,Senate. series of large scale protests in
Patriot Prayer regularly imagery, jncluding participants
In order for Gibson to win he Seattle and Portland in the spring organizes rallies in the Pacific welding Kekistan flags and
must first secure the Washington of 2017.. The group's reactionary Northwest and have organized security provided by the Three
State Republican nomination calls for non- violence have often in Olympia several times in the Percenters, a white nationalist
during the primary on August been used to shield them from past year, most recently hosting group of ex military members
7 before challenging Cantwell . mainstream controversy, and several counter-protests to leftist who often provide guerilla
directly. Gibson is running on are often referred to by Gibson protesters of anti-abortion rallies security for "free speech" events.
a blend of traditional populist in contrast to what he sees as outside ofthe downtown Olympia Tue group's presence left many
and libertarian values, seemingly aggressive or violent reactions Planned Parenthood, the most in the community uneasy, and
courting both scorned Bernie on the left to the rise in the recent of which ended with the one Evergreen student shared
Sanders supports and the re- visible organizing of neo-Nazi, detainment ofleft wing protesters with us that, "When Patriot
~ energized right by supporting the
white nationalist, and new right for allegedly "glitter bombing", Prayer held a 'Free Speech Rally'
replacementofthe currenttax code groups. Although they have ofyen pepper spraying, and hitting on my campus I knew to take
with a 23% sales tax; health care rebuked ties to the alt- right and Patriot Prayer folks with a stick. that as a sign that it could not be
reform, a "balanced budget", anti- white nationalism, Patriot Prayer
Many Patriot Prayer •rallies a safe place to be as a person of
abortion policies, and "individual is widely associated with the are small when compared to color. Anti-violent rhetoric and
rights". He hinted at his plans alt- right movement, and they large scale gatherings like the a denial of alt-right association
earlier in the week, writing to came to prominence during the infamous Unite The Right does not make me feel any safer
his some 1,674 followers and 2016 primary elections, feeding March, or gatherings in support around people who are essentially
nearly 5,000 facebook friends on . off of post- Trump tensions of controversial alt- right and proud
his personal facebook page that, and calls from the right and white- nationalist speakers like




who was also the only student
journalist mentioned by name.
The allegations
Mr. Mercado state, "When
Chief Brown advised Mr.
Mercado of her concerns
about the restaurant employees'
actions and the posting of
discriminatory and hostile
flyers about her and the police
around the student activities
building Mr. Mercado appeared
to become angry and defiantly
informed Chief Brown it
was 'freedom of speech'."
Another allegation regards a
female faculty member of color
who scheduled a meeting to
discuss her claim that an officer
was pcist. The faculty member
pointed out a racialized power
Ms. Brown showed up to
the meeting in uniform and
carrying a firearm, as the letter
states, "When Chief Brown
arrived at Ms. Harris' office for
the pre-scheduled meeting she
was immediately confronted
by Ms. Harris and told by
Ms. Harris that she could not
believe Chief Brown, a white
woman, would show up at
her office carrying a firearm."
According to the document,
the faculty member informed
Brown, "that she believed
Chief Brown was wearing
her uniform and firearm to
intentionally prove she had
more "privilege" than her and
was trying to intimidate her".
In regards to this incident the
letter states, "Chief Brown
was very concerned about Ms.
Harris' seemingly derogatory
comments about her race and
gender and wanted to bring it
to the attention of Ms. Endress
because she was worried
about being labeled in such a
manner," and goes on to say
that after being informed, Ms.
Endress did not investigate
and possibly discipline Ms.
Harris for the interaction.
Numerous other allegations
are present within the litigation
Bridges stated, "I bet you are
looking for a new job, this •
has been a very hostile work"
environment for you." The
Cooper Point Journal will
contihue to cover the story as
the possible lawsuit unfolds.


(Q)[L [kA\[?~ffi\ /kA\©1r[K] ~~ [Q)~ffi\[Q) ffi\(FIT~~
~~m~~ aa~[K]~fkA\~~ffi\[L[LW~~~1rM~~~[Q)99
ffi\1r ~©[?9~ ~~@(W~1r
By The Cooper Point Journal Staff
In the still-dark morning
hours of February 7 Vaneesa
Hopson, 35-year-old mother and
former nurse, died outside of her
west Olympia apartment while in
the custody of the Olympia Police
Department (OPD), following
the administration of a "chemical
restraint" by Thurston County
paramedics. Hopson's neighbors
report that on the night leading
up to her death Hopson was
was not acting like her normal
self, and at least one witness
reports that she was trying to
get people to call first responders
to help her. Both neighbors and
police reports say that Vaneesa
Hopson pulled a fire alarm in her
unstable state, to which first the
fire department, then the police
responded. Witnesses say that
while she was calm with police as
they handcuffed her the situation
soon escalated, and videos from
the incident show at least three
policeman actively restraining
her on the cement parking lot

.,_, ~ _ , .w u ' ' - ' " ' '-

• hV

t l •-

,..__,, .......,'-' - t i l ,

I WII " ~ f \. " ~ " • lilt""J•:t

outside her home, giving her little
room to move as she can be heard
crying out in pain. At some point
the cluster of police officers called
paramedics to the scene and it
wiis decided that Vaneesa could
not be detained and transported
without being sedated. In
situations like this police and
paramedics are expected to
administer a class of medications
known as "chemical restraints"
that can include intense sedatives
and antipsychotics. Sources have
still not confirmed what exact
medication was used, nor what the
exact cause of death was, but her
sister Heather Snyder, along with
other community members are
suspicious that the combination
of whatever substances were in
her system with the chemical
restraints proved too much for her
body, citing the fact that she died
minutes after the intravenous
drugs were administered. In
an interview with The Cooper
Point Journal Snyder explained,

"I think she was on [drugs] the
night she died. . . and I think
when they gave her that shot
to calm her down it killed her."
OPD spokesperson Sam
Castello has said that the choice
to sedate was "solely a medical
decision" that falls on the shoulders
of paramedics, and officials
continue to emphasize that all
departments involved acted
within protocol. An investigation
to determine her exact cause of
death and possible culpability
is being conducted by Thurston
County, but regardless of whether
or not officials acted according to
protocol Snyder believes that the
incident was completely unjust,
saying, "They killed my sister with
unnecessary force... She needed
help and was trying to reach out
for it and instead they kill.ed her!"
Speaking to The Cooper
Point Journal, Snyder shared
how Vanessa Hopson and her
two sisters grew up in Oklahoma,
raised by their mother in a

Christian Baptist home. Snyder
Hopson had maintained close
ties to her family for most of her
life describing her as, "a mother,
a sister, a caregiver.. . working
while in school and taking care of
our mother." Their mom suffered
from breast cancer that came
back three times over the past _
decade, and her daughter Vanessa
stayed by her side until they laid
their mom to rest three years
ago. In her twenties, as caretaker
to her newborn child and her ill
mother, she was still able to put
herself through nursing school
and graduate with a 4.0 at the
top of her class. Dealing with her
grief proved difficult still, and she
suffered from addiction and runins with law enforcement that
took a toll on her. Snyder describes
that, '[Vaneesa] lost her license
here because of a few downfalls,
but she never lost hope of getting
back on track." A fresh start was
just what she was looking for




Arts & Culture

-. ~

p ·E, ROBER[~,; N Ill
artist interview
by sally linn


1he work ofP. E. Robertson III draws heavilyfrom cinema's history
as a widely sharable mediumfor entertainment and storytelling.
He does so, however, while introducing themes that challenge the
. representative stereotypes infilm. He is interested in showcasing cross
sections ofmental illness, especially that sufferedfrom people ofcolor,
andgenerating discussion about the interplay between mental health



Arts & Culture

Robertson is a filmmaker in his senior year at
Evergreen. He came here with a two-year degree in
computer and applied science where he learned Adobe
software and how to produce a script. Evergreen has
complemented this background by providing a
understanding of media theory and representati~n.
The most influential program for Robertson was
Mediaworks: Signifying Power and Difference
on Screen(s). This yearly program is a staple for
Evergreen media students and focuses heavily on the
history and the implications of what and how things
are shown on screen. It was here that Robertson
began to understand that even if a media artist
makes something that looks really neat· on screen,
without the background knowledge and intentional
application ofit onto their work, there is the likelihood
for the work to play into the bigger stereotypes
and problems of media and the isolated gaze.
Working primarily in the genre ofhorror, Robertson
is especially aware of the problematic issues with the
waywomen are portrayed innearly all ofits subgenressexualized, dehumanized, generally being murdered,
stalked, or put into some kind of fetishized position.
And then there's the other big issue that people of
color are rarely a central feature in horror and when
they are, it is never as the winner or survivor. Although
there is often a lack ofreality in the genre, this lopsided
display of underrepresented demographics shades our
view of reality. Robertson is interested in a kind of
horror that fits plausibly into some shape of reality.

Robertson's work is most often based on his fictional
narratives that use a conventional three act structure but
deviate from tawdry Hollywood models through his
portrayal of subjects and characters. This intersection
cif ~onvention and the contemporary helps Robertson
achieve his visions. His recent work is attempting to
use horror as · a vehicle to show what mental illness
in people of color looks like. Through this he wants
to show his afBicted characters in a positive light
without diminishing the realities of mental illness.
This is the kind of horror Robertson is interested
in-the~horror that is created in ourselves and is
rooted in human emotion rather than an external
fantasy enacted on us. This is why two of Robertson's
biggest influences are Stanley Kubrick and Don
Coscarelli. These directors, while perhaps ·not people
one should aspire to emulate on an ideological level,
_are talented in their work and ability to identify
and amplify the internal horrors of humanity.
In the events leading up to the campus r1:~'..l.lptions
last spring, Robertson had made a promotional video
for Day of Absence/Day of Presence. This video,
however, was leaked prematurely and landed in the
hands of alt-right detractors. The content of the
video was edited and rearranged to make an explicitly
racist commentary and garnered many thousands
of views on YouTube. In addition to triggering an
-aggression steeped in white-supremacy that was
oriented towards the college and student body,
multiple students' identities were revealed through

the video causing a concern for individual safety.
The president of the college was unaware that
this had happened until Robertson confronted the
president himsel£ Ultimately, it was decided that the
video appropriation was protected under fair use laws
and the college could do nothing despite this posing a
danger for the students.A prevention plan was supposed
to be created and provided to students and staff that
would reduce the likelihoo~ of this happening again.
But this was swept under the rug in light of the other
events happening on campus around the same time.
Robertson's current work is focused in two main
areas. This first is a video internship for Electronic
Media. This is one of the many internships offered to
students through Media Services. Robertson and the
rest of the interns have been working for months on
their version ofthe intern show that happens every year,
varying in theme and presentation depending on the
creativity of the interns. This spectacular multimedia
performance will take place on March 15th and 16th
at 7PM. Robertson's other curre.nt project is working
on a short film that again is centered on the interplay
between mental illness and institutionalized racism.
R9bertson plans to submit this to conventions, film
festivals, and institutions that are willing to have a
conversation about these issues.The hope is that this will
be a springboard into funding a full length feature film.
Robertson feels fortunate that he had access to a video
camera :it such a young age, and he would encourage
everybody to just go out there and start making things.














Arts & Culture

Before it was Octa.pas, it was Obsidian, and before Obsidian, itwasJezabel's. IRA ZUCKERJ."\iAN.






flffll!IR. [M~R B ··~ti'





The Evergreen State College
Farmhouse, 6:30 p.m.

Olympia Quakers at The Evergreen
State College Common Bread

Orea Books
6 p.m., Free, Alf ages.

Consent Culture

Le Voyeur
7 p.m,, Free, Alf ages.


Elna Rae (ARZ), Hot Rush, The
Placeholders, Dedelectric

~ ttiRI. ,MAR




The Evergreen State College
The Unity Lounge, 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.
Math and Science Tutoring in The
Unity Lounge


6 p.m., Alf ages.

By Morrissey Morrissey






Octapas Launch Party

Le Voyeur


10 p.m., Free, 21+.

Le Voyeur
7 p.m., $5, Alf ages.

Tag Along Friend, First Boyfriend,
Special Moves, Freaky Pup

Ben Moore's Restaraunt
6 p.m., All ages.

Olympia People's Mic: Open Mic
and Qualifying Slam

Le Voyeur
7 p.m., $5-7, All ages.

The empty space that was formerly Obsidian is now soonto-be bustling with a new ghost that is Octapas Cafe, and
to kick off their stay in the space they are throwing a party!
The "cafe" (I" can't tell this is a cafe or tapas place? Is there
a difference? I'm so confused.) is hosting food, bevos, and
dance all in one place for the night. You can grab one of their
featured cafe menu items (All of which seem to be tapas ... )
like chipotle kale kraut, white bean pate (See? Not really cafe
items, right? Maybe I don't have a good grasp on what a cafe
is.) and their featuri,d _beverage: blackberry sassafras honey
vinegar. I'm unsure what on God's Earth that is but between
you and me, dear reader, it sound dang ol' good. Also: what
· happened to the crowdfunded Obsidian money? Hm.

Trust Fall, Remambran (LA),
Family Video (CA), Lark


The Evergreen State College

CCAM, 7 p.m., Free.
Electronic Media Interns Present...


Last Word Books
6 p.m., Free.

International Workers of the World
Radical Movie Night, ~l\llatewan"

Psychic Sister

6:30 p.m., All ages.
Bless This Mess: A
Workshop With Nomy Lamm


·Where Obsidian Was. 6 p.m.
No Cover. All Ages.

Pisces Dance Party

Last Word Books. 6 p.m. No Cover. All Ages.

The International Workers of the World's Olympia
chapter is putting on a screening of the 1987 film "Matewan",
a film about a coal miner strike in Matewan, West Virginia
in the 1920's. The film shows the power of strikes and· of
the worker, echoing from history an experience we are still
having even today. It'll be a good time and it can never hurt
to know a little more about strikes and stuff. Plus, you will
sound really cool if you tell literally anyone that you went.
"Oh, me? Yeah, I'm just at a cool showing of a cool film by a
cool organization in a cool book store." See?



Capitol Theater. 6:30 p.m. All Ages.

Capitol Theater is doing it again! And by "it" I mean
screening a really cool but sort of old movie that we grew
up watching arid really like! Okay, but do you want to hear
something so weird that happened to me the other day? I
was on the phone with my little brother (who is 16), talking
to him about school and his life and stuff and I ask him
"What's new?" and he tells me he just saw Mean Girls for
the first time! Which I guess makes sense because he would
have been like, two when it came out? But then he starts
telling me about how it's so obvious that the plot is based
off of the plot of Shakespeare's Julius Caesar? And I was
just like "Haha, yeah, isn't that cool?"but if we're being real I
have never read that play and I low key don't even know what
it's about. I guess you can catch me near the ides of March,
Saturday at 6:30 PM watching Mean Girls and secretly
reading the Wikipedia plot synopsis for Julius Caesar.





Letters & OQinion

~,,,,,,,,,\,, ,,,







. ~.


~ ~' ~-

~ -'-' __!__

., ,lb














In early' February, The Cooper Point
Journal talked to Vice President I Vice
Provost (VP/VP) of Equity and Inclusion Chassity Holliman-Douglas about
the Equity Symposium, the new event
being planned instead of Day of Absence/ Day of Presence (DOAIDOP).
In the January 10 email announcing
the event change P~esident George
Bridges said that "This year...we will
develop a more robust event for learning about equity, inclusion,' and privilege in the 21st century." Though the
equity symposium is being presented
as a new event Zach Powers, Evergreen
Communication and Public Relations
Manager described in a statement that,
"The symposium is not a replacement
of Day of Absence/Day of Presence,
but rather an opportunity for the Evergreen community to design a robust
new equity event from the ground up."
Although Powers describes the
change of event as an opportunity
for the Evergreen students, staff, and·
faculty to design an event that suits
our needs, there was no community
conversation around the decision to
create a new event instead of reworking or continuing DOA/DOP. When
asked as to whose decision it was to
change the event VP/VP HollimanDouglas responded that "to the best
of my knowledge our senior leadership group, which is all of our Vice
Presidents, [and] our Chief of Staff,"
continuing to say that the senior leadership, "asked me if I would come up
with an event that would increase our
community's understanding of cultural
competence and social justice [an,,d]
help to increase our sense of belonging as a community and really give
us that space to come together and
talk about what our challenges are."
POC Talk sat down with several
students of color to get a read on how
community members are reacting to

the news of the change. Although no
student interviewed had heard of the
event change through the January 10
email announcement, many students
expressed disappoint to a change they
perceive as being a cop out by the
administration and reactionary response that ignores community input.
One student, Melissa, said "I heard
about the name change from a friend
and we botli~olled our eyes. I feel like
the name change is both ridiculous and
cautious. On one hand, averting media
attention is good because it protects
students of color from threats and attacks, but I don't particularly feel like
that's why the school changed the name.
I'm feeling conflicted, angry, stressed,
and relieved about the changes."
An Evergreen junior,. Nick said that
they heard abo.ut the name change
"through the grape vine" further saying "I do not agree with this change
it is not morally right." Echoing this
sentiment another student Marissa,
said, "I just feel like [Evergreen's] putting a temporary solution Off· J~ and
it's not revolutionary anymore_if you
change the name," continuing to say
that as a school, "we're supposed to
be against the bullshit in higher education so for that name to change because it got a lot of backlash, it's like
we don't stand for anything anymore ...
it's kind of a slap in the face of the
people who created it back in the day."
Despite taking issue with many aspects of the the new event, all students
interviewed expressed that they would
be attending the event this year. Melissa had this to say about attendance
at this years event, "I'll definitely try
to participate in the workshops as
much as I can because I remember
there being some really interesting and
important ones. To just not participate would just feel like a disservice."









291 ~ Cf.tiE <;;q_qF~,E~R POINT JOU_R_NAL 09

Letters and Ooinion

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Letters and·O~inion


We get drunk so you don't have
to. Submit your wildest questions
Is there something that you wish you had never
seen? Oooooh boiiiii i don't even know where
to start. Have I ever seen anything that I truly
wanted to see? Let's start there. I'm glad that
I get to look at pictures of Rihanna. I've never
been mad about looking an animals, sunsets,
flowers or rainbows. I see so many worthless
and forsaken images every single day of my
life. So many images that take away my passion
and curi~ity for the world. The other day I was
kicking it with my Grammy and she got one of
tjlose old person chain emails with like pictures
of silly puppies and America's Funniest Home
Video caliber shit. 1his binch was cracking up
like she'd never heard a joke before. She's pure,
she's never seen a depression meme or walked
around an unknown city block in the street view
function on google maps for hours. I'll never be
that pure again.
How often do you visit a dentist? Do you know
you should do it at least one a year? Honestly
you can fuck all the way off, you sound like my
frickin mom. First of all, I'm fucking poor. Journalism doesn't pay shit. Second ofall, who is this
a freakin future dental assistant? Where the hell
do you get off tryin to tell me when to go to the
dentist. I LIKE that my teeth are rotting and
I am NOT afraid of an infected tooth spreading to my Nl!in. I HOPE that no one will ever
try to make out with me ever again because that
shit is so weird!! Why do we press our mouths
. together like that and call it romantic when
you're really just sharing bacteria?? Why?? Wait,
is romance just sharing bacteria?

How to correctly write.: "buttoclu or "hattoclu"t
Pfffsshhahahaha what?? Wtf is a "battocks"?
Dude. I'm honestly cracking tf up at this, who
are you? Do you wanna come hang out?

ifyou were a videohlogger, what wouldyour vuleos he ahout11his is a great question. Well, I
think 1 would start out by showing the world
my B minus makeup routine in my dirty bathroom mirror. I'd build up a large following with
my quirky personality and get some better lighting, maybe some lip fillers, and at the height of
my career I would begin to include detailed instructions for a call towards insurrectionist action against patriarchal capitalism hidcfen in the
middle of the videos. They'll never see us coming, my army of femmes.

by April Davidson


3;21 - 4;19

Great amounts of personal power are coming to
you. You will need to take huge risks and trust
your style. Diverge from what you know and
follow your impulse towards new excitement. In
order to get to the point where you can express
your creative vision you will need to let something go & retreat into solitude in preparation
for a more active period to follow. Introspection
will help you tap into inspiration.

TAURUS 4120-5120
Liking to think of yourself as a lone wolf, you
often choose solitude over the company of
people you view as unreliable and deceitful. At
the risk of repeating myself, you cannot do all
of the labor yourself and you need to find a way
to rely on odl'.ers to help you. Realize that previous social conflicts are not happening now. Put
your trust in others and you will be pleasantly
surprised at what you will accomplish together.

GEMINI 5121 - 6120
Renewing or changing the way you're perceived
by the greater public should be at the top ofyour
agenda. Admitting a loss can be difficult but you .
can't turn back time, start where you are now. Instead of focusing on shortcomings put yourself
in service to others. Use a soft touch and show
people your tenderness towards them. Meditate
on power dynamics, resources and knowledge
with the goal of reaching an objective position.

CANCER 6121 - 7;22
You're about to receive a hard "no" on something
you put a lot of work into. An authority figure
is looming and you will experience something
like aggression; . which in you cool.a translate
into feelings of discomfort. But this incident
will lead to you finding your willpower to stay
with your convictions as well as stretching your
· awareness and ing,nuity. Your dissatisfaction
will start an important directional change.

LEO 7/23- 8122

SAGITTARIUS _11122-12121

A wonderful leader, you often set the example
f6r bravery and responsibility. Lately you haven't
been meeting your own standards but a transformation is on the way. Forgive yourself, the
people around you have already forgotten your
shortcomings. Just be honest about where ~u
are; the first step out of a rut is to admit that
you are in one. You may need to make a· hard
choice; go for the one that put yolK on a whole
new direction.

Strength comes naturally to you in the form
of tolerance. You maintain a soft control at all
times by greeting conflict with a light-h~ed
1>atience.1his attitude has brought you to a moment where your home life will be flourishing.
There's a lot of real mixed up stuff going on in
the world but your home has become a place of
healing, a dream come true. Here you are free to
loosen your self-restraint and express your tender moods openly. ·

'- .

VIRGO 812"-J-9122


You can always be trusted to be doing µie work
and your relationships are no different; but consider if your painstaking attention t~ detail i~
helping or hurting. I know that yp~ ai"e..simply
trying to make everythin'k the best i_t ~ be,
your heart is warm an·d keeps the faith. You can
see the course so clearly, but it might h ot be the
course that is ultimately best for others. My recommendation: endure the mild lows in order to
establish deeper bonds.

At this moment things seem to be going according to plan. Where things could unravel
for you is your doubt in your ability to communicate your knowledge. You are much more of
an authority in your field than you are willing
to admit. The opportunity that you have been
quietly preparing for will present itself The
only way tq grasp it will be to forgive yourself
for your sh?rtcomings. Check your emails more
and distribute your resume freely.


LIBRA 9/23- 10122

AQUARIUS 1120-211a

What you have right now is a wounded heart
and a fairly pessimistic outlook on intimate relationships. Others rarely see your judgemental
attitude nestled behind your fun exterior. The
longer you hold onto this defensive position,
the wearier you will become until you can barely
trust anyone. It is in your best interest to put
your faith in others with the open-hearted interest of a child at play.

Working as a team comes easy, you're competent
and coordinate well with the group. You love
your group but there's also a particular connection that nourishes and provides more than any
other relationship.1his could be a physical or a
mental connection or both, but it is undoubtedly emotional and gives you a sense that it is
a foundation for successes unknown_ Do your
best to honor this· bond in the coming weeks.

SCORPIO 1_0123 - 11121

PISCES 2119 - 3/20

1his will be a moment ofluxury and abundance
for you. Do you feel attractive? Do you believe

There's a person or situation in your life that
has rushed over you like a cold, harsh wind. But
in your own charm and abilities? Are you full the universe will never give you more than you
of energy? Are you ready to shake off the blues can handle. You are gifted now with powers so
and feel enthusiastic about life? If you answered intense as to make miracles happen. No one is
no to any of these I would humbly request that more equipped to na~gate ambiguity and chaos
you consider that at this moment you are in a than you. Your very being is in the process of
position to say yes. Doing this will improve your - shedding old selves and becoming renewed.
Even if others stay messy, at the end of all this
health and bring renewed harmony.
you will know exactly where you stand.

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