The Cooper Point Journal Volume 4, Number 23 (April 1, 1976)



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Eng The Cooper Point Journal Volume 4, Number 23 (April 1, 1976)


April 1, 1976

Evergreen Subject

Student Organizing and Activism
Environmental Studies
Faculty Hiring and Governance
Evergreen Organic Farm


Eng Pg 1: The Cooper Point Journal (front page): Stenberg Named Dean of Enrollment (image: Larry Stenberg (by Buster));
Pg 1: Kormondy Unveils Proposal to Revamp Deanery (continued pg4);
Pg 1: 76-77 Supplement Out: Programs Emphasize History, Science (image: TESC Catalogue Supplement for 76-77);
Pg 2: Letters: (image: small monkey (by Buster);
Pg 2: Letters: Don't Ignore Orcas;
Pg 2: Letters: Former Faculty Criticizes Evergreen;
Pg 2: Letters: Environmental Position Open;
Pg 2: Letters: Sea-Bird Deaths Tragic;
Pg 2: Letters: Journal Keeping in Touch?;
Pg 2: CPJ Questionnaire;
Pg 2: (advertisement) Drees;
Pg 2: (advertisement) Grace Piano Service;
Pg 2: (advertisement) Red Apple Natural Foods;
Pg 2: Letters policy;
Pg 2: Staff credits;
Pg 3: Is Nothing Sacred? Olympia Four-Dot Legend Debunked (image: Olympia Beer bottle (by Buster));
Pg 3: Older Women and Health Care Conference: Evergreeners Break Down Barriers (image: ladies around a Women's Conference poster (by Riddell));
Pg 3: Dreams & Writing (prose);
Pg 4: In Brief: Sea World Concedes;
Pg 4: In Brief: Beefheart and Schenkel Display Bizarre Art (images: Beefheart and Schenkel art pieces (by Buster));
Pg 4: In Brief: Fascinating Nuclear Facts;
Pg 4: In Brief: Some Student Salaries Soar;
Pg 4: Kormondy-;
Pg 4: (advertisement) Overlake Properties;
Pg 4: (advertisement) Olympia Greenhouses;
Pg 4: (advertisement) Hendricks Rexall Drugs;
Pg 4: (advertisement) All Ways Travel Service;
Pg 4: (advertisement) D-Stix;
Pg 4: (advertisement) Ash Tree Apartments;
Pg 4: (advertisement) South Sound National Bank;
Pg 4: (advertisement) Word of Mouth Books;
Pg 5: Announcements;
Pg 5: (advertisement) Music Bar Audio;
Pg 5: (advertisement) Farmers Insurance Company of Washington;
Pg 5: (advertisement) Olympia Sport Shop;
Pg 5: (advertisement) Evergreen Coins ond Investments;
Pg 5: (advertisement) Raudenbush Motor Supply;
Pg 5: (advertisement) Peterson's Foodtown;
Pg 5: (advertisement) The Colony Inn Apartments;
Pg 5: (advertisement) Intitute for Creation Research (for free packet of literature on creationism);
Pg 6: From the Organic Farm Folks: It's Gardening Time;
Pg 6: Dreams & Writing (prose) (continued from pg 3);
Pg 6: (advertisement) Intercity Transit;
Pg 6: (advertisement) Bob's Big Burgers;
Pg 6: U.S. Air Force (reserve recruitment);
Pg 7: Entertainment: Review: Fellini's 9 1/2 (image: ? (by Gilbreath));
Pg 7: Entertainment: Premieres Tonight: A Woman Is Talking to Death (image: two people carrying prostrate body (by Buster);
Pg 7: Arts and Entertainment: general area listings;
Pg 7: (advertisement) Artichoke Mode;
Pg 7: (advertisement) Rags' International Hair Designers;
Pg 7: (advertisement) Olympia Federal Savings;
Pg 8: The Biggest Game In Town (image: Bingo caller at the Ludlow Foundation (by Brown));
Pg 8: (advertisement) TESC Housing Office


Eng Tester, Katherine
Eng Marshall, Lorraine
Eng Albertson, Chuck
Eng Morrison, Bruce
Eng Garland, Alyson
Eng Forsythe, Margaret
Eng Stephen, Susan E.
Eng Hobbs, Kathryn Ann
Eng Norris, Joanna
Eng Taylor, David
Eng Milbrath, Brian
Eng McQuarrie, Edward


Eng Stewart, Jill
Eng Milton, Curtis
Eng Riddell, Catherine
Eng Groening, Matthew
Eng Gilbreath, Ford
Eng Gendreau, Joe
Eng Schmitt, Mark
Eng Shelton-Mason County Journal


Eng University administrators
Eng Academic deans
Eng Faculty positions
Eng Environmental conservation
Eng Sea-birds, Marine ecosystems
Eng Women's rights
Eng Experimental art
Eng Nuclear attacks
Eng Student wages
Eng Evergreen events
Eng Stenberg, Larry
Eng Clabaugh, Dean
Eng Hillaire, Mary
Eng Allen, Walker
Eng Hilts, Bonnie
Eng Kormondy, Edward
Eng McCann, Charles J., 1926-2015
Eng Humphreys, Will
Eng Preston, Michael J.
Eng Hansen, Rodney S.
Eng Haefner, Ruth
Eng Searight, Jackie
Eng Rizzio, Judith
Eng Hall, Carolyn
Eng Kilmer, Joyce
Eng Zeidenstein, Laura
Eng Clark, Marion
Eng Skinner, Libby
Eng Holberg, Marguerite
Eng Jones, Richard
Eng Magnuson, Warren G.
Eng Van Vliet, Don
Eng Schenkel, Cal
Eng Freud, Sigmund, 1856-1939
Eng Evans, Daniel J.iel J.
Eng Weinman, Lynda
Eng Lenthe, Jean-Vi
Eng Fellini, Federico
Eng Masina, Giulietta
Eng Bergman, Ingrid, 1915-1982
Eng Bertolucci, Bernardo
Eng Godard, Jean-Luc, 1930-
Eng Nehrling, Tina
Eng Mariani, Dacia
Eng Wadja, Andrezej
Eng Cybulski, Zbigniew
Eng Kryzanowska, Ewa
Eng Pawlikowski, Adam
Eng Kobiela, Bugumil
Eng Zastrzevynski, Waclaw
Eng Wilder, Gene, 1933-2016
Eng Brooks, Mel, 1926-
Eng Maraire, Dumi
Eng Reynolds, Malvina
Eng Bach, Johann Sebastian, 1685-1750
Eng Bartók, Béla, 1881-1945
Eng Prokofiev, Sergey, 1891-1953
Eng Schubert, Franz, 1797-1828
Eng Ferrel, Frank
Eng Christian, Susan
Eng Curtis, Edward S.
Eng Stella, Frank
Eng Rachmaninoff, Sergei, 1873-1943
Eng Kramer, A. Ludlow
Eng Stadium High School
Eng University of Puget Sound
Eng Murdoch University
Eng Grace Piano Service
Eng Red Apple Natural Foods
Eng Western Folklore
Eng The Olympia Beer Company
Eng Olympia Community Center
Eng National Organization of Women
Eng Alcoholic Treatment Center in Olympia
Eng The Family Circus Theatre
Eng Olympia Senior's Center
Eng United Council of Churches
Eng Bob's Big Burgers
Eng TESC Men's Center
Eng Sea World Incorporated
Eng University of Washington
Eng The Cooper Point Journal
Eng TESC Gay Center
Eng TESC Women's Center
Eng The Bike Shop
Eng TESC Center for Poetry
Eng TESC Board of Trustees
Eng Overlake Properties
Eng Olympia Greenhouses
Eng Hendricks Rexall Drugs
Eng All Ways Travel Service
Eng Ash Tree Apartments
Eng South Sound National Banks
Eng Word of Mouth Books
Eng Farmers Insurance Company of Washington
Eng Music Bar Audio
Eng Evergreen Coins and Investments
Eng Olympia Sport Shop
Eng Raudenbush Motor Supply
Eng Peterson's Foodtown
Eng The Colony Inn Apartments
Eng Institute for Creation Research
Eng Intercity Transit
Eng The Human Growth Center
Eng U.S. Air Force
Eng The Artichoke Mode
Eng Rags' International Hair Designers
Eng Olympia Federal Savings
Eng TESC Housing Office
Eng Theatre of the Unemployed
Eng Women's Press Collective
Eng Applejam Folk Center
Eng Childhood's End Gallery
Eng The Artemis Gallery
Eng Dootson-Calderhead Gallery
Eng Olympia Telecable Studios
Eng The Ludlow Foundation


Eng eng


Eng Olympia (Wash.)
Eng Seattle (Wash.)
Eng Lacey (Wash.)


Eng The Evergreen State College Board of Publications and members of the Evergreen community


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Temporal Coverage

Eng 1976


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