News Release (February 16, 1974) TESC to host an African Music Festival


News Release (February 16, 1974) TESC to host an African Music Festival
16 February 1974
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The Evergreen
Olympia. Washington

February 16, 1974

State COllege

For Further Information:
Judy Annis, 866-6128

An African Music Festival, complete with marimbas, mbiras, and African drums
will be staged at The Evergreen State College March 9.
Directed by Faculty Member Abraham Dumi Maraire, a member of the Shona Tribe
in Rhodesia, the festival will feature afternoon workshops from noon to 4:30 p;m.
and an evening concert at 8 o'clock in the main floor of the Library building.
The free, public festival is sponsored by students and faculty members in the
Individual in Contemporary Society Coordinated Studies program who have spent much
of Fall and Winter quarter learning about the Shona culture, with special emphasis
on Shona music, dance and instruments.
Groups scheduled to perform in the all-day festival include:

the Shona Marimba

Ensemble, a group of Seattle musicians directed by Maraire; the Ewajo Performing
Arts Dancers, an afro jazz dance group directed by University of Washington dance
teacher Edna Degrey; Bakere and Norta Marong, a husband and wife team from
Gambia who dance and play Gambian drums, and the Tropical Rainstorm, a steel drum band
whose members are primarily from the West Indies.
Each group will sponsor one workshop.

Scheduled from noon to 2 p.m. in

separate sessions are Bakere and Norta Marong and the Tropical Rainstorm.
Shona Marimba Ensemble are slated from 2:30 to 4:30.

Ewaja and the