News Release (February 27, 1974) TESC Computer Services launches data processing and analysis program for the Olympia community


News Release (February 27, 1974) TESC Computer Services launches data processing and analysis program for the Olympia community
27 February 1974
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The Evergreen State College


for immediate release
February 27, 1974

It helps a resident of the Washington Correction Center in Shelton master data
processing skills.

It tracks the path of the Comet Kohoutek.

It provides self-paced

learning units for students of all ages, and it plays a deadly game of hangman's noose.

is The Evergreen State College Office of Computer Services which works


faculty, students, administrators, interested community members, residents of the
Shelton center, and fellow computer experts at six other colleges to meet the growing
demand for its program, equipment and services.
Unique in its accessibility, Evergreen Computer Services has opened its doors to
its Olympia-area neighbors. After school or on any Saturday students from throughout
Thurston County can be found gaining or polishing computer programming skills.
State agencies, too, make use of Evergreen's Computer Services, as do community
groups and other educational institutions.
For example, the Higher Education Personnel Board uses Evergreen's computer to
analize data.

Three colleges --- Lower Columbia and Centralia Community Colleges and

Western Washington State --- us~ Evergreen equipment to teach basic programming.


coom Community College works with Evergreen on its accounting and financial record keeping.
The University of Washington School of Business uses its resources.

So does the

Washington Correction Center, which offers data processing instruction through use of
an Evergreen terminal on loan at the center.
- more Dick

Nichols, Director

Infor mation


-2And those are just the off-campus activities

of the much-used Computer Center.

On campus, the center has committed 30 per cent of its professional staff to support of
Evergreen instruction and research.
More than 400 persons currently uses its campus computer, and 97 per cent of
computer resource time is taken by faculty and students.
shops, individual study contracts and computer-assisted

They are participating

in work-

instruction programs which

span a variety of academic interests, including business computer applications, systems
and programming, study of American folklore, avalance, electro-acoustic

music, and

computer films and graphics.
At the same time, Evergreeners receive computer support for their research activities
and have access to a large catalog of problem-solving packages.

Key administrative

support is also provided to almost every budget unit on campus, including the offices of
admissions, registration, financial aid, placement, housing, personnel, payroll,
academic deans, business services, facilities, central stores, the library and the
college bookstore.
Computer Services even offers a trip through space --- provided in part by the Oregon
Museum of Sciences and Industry.

The programmed space trip allows the would-be

astronomer to track the Comet Kohoutek on its trek through the universe.
And. there's more.

Computer Services is sponsoring the First International

Film Festival March

being planned for the

7. 8, and 9.

A series of special programs is also

non-scientific persons who have yet to discover the variety of

activities possible in the Computer Center.