The Cooper Point Journal (November 09, 2016)


The Cooper Point Journal (November 09, 2016)
9 November 2016
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I November 9,





Felix Chrome

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speech, unwelcome in our com- occurred. It is everyone's responmunity, and protected by law; and sibility to r~port and respond to
4) share information about inci- bias actions when they occur.
dent-related concerns·in order to
If" you encounter an incident
support those most impacted and, of concern, you can: I) Provide
promote discussion, broad en- information using the online ingagement and support for speech cident report form or call Police
and actions in response.
Services at (360) 867-6832. ReWhen a report is made to the ports can be made anonymously;
BIRT, a Bias-related Incident 2) Remember that you are not
Alert will be posted on Greener powerless. Add your voice in opCommons and sent to students position to actions that appear to
and employees by email. This be unwelcoming and contribute
communication will indicate the your voice on Greener Combasic information provided in the mons; 3) Talk to a staff or faculty
preliminary report and, acknowl- member you trust.
edge that the BIRT is considering
Things you can do to help
the report and will follow-up with support a more inclusive and
the community at a later date with more respectful community: 1)
more complete information via Follow and support the work of
! the original Greener Commons the Equity & Diversity Council;
post. The BIRT will provide an 2) Support the Evergreen G reen
Alert when the report appears to Dot movement which promotes
constitute an incident that may be bystander intervention in any
Wendy Endress is Vice President of Student Affairs and a member of the Bias Incident Response Team. SHAUNA BITILE.
highly visible, \\11,despread, and/ or act of violence, including bias;
impact many people. The BIRT 3) Explore the Coming Together
will not provicfe an Alert when it Series 2015- 16 videos which focus
would be more likely to amplify on·the challenges facing students,
the "voice" of ~ e individual or faculty and staff of color at Everorganization than to elevate the green. These videos are available
College's engagement in a bias- at events/ comingrelated incident.
.. .., Fo1- example, a . together; 4) Share your suggesreport of a few anonymous flyers tions with us via email.
his letter is in response to Forest Hunt's article of October 12, "Protest Fol- promoting a w)ute nationalist orThank you for helping to crelows Year of Controversy over Racism at Evergreen," in which.the reporter ganization posted on the outside ate a welcoming and supportive
provides information about the Bias Incident Response Team (BIRT). The of buildings which were promptly learning community that also v,tlarticle indicates that _the BIRT is "Evergreen's main body charged with confronting removed would not result in an ues and respects free speech.
issues of oppression on campus." It also addresses how the BIRT r~sponses during
It is crucial that the BIRT take - 2016-17 Bias-related Inci2015- 16 were perceived by some. The BIRT devoted time this summer. to examin- the time necessary to assess and dent Response Team
ing how we can improve understanding of the role of the Team as well as refine discuss reports of bias to ensure Jamie Cooper, Associate Vice
accurate information and evalua- - President for Student and Acaour processes to enhance our responsiveness, especially if the volume of reports is tion. This can result in a delay in demic Support Services
high, as it was last year. As reported in the article; there are currently open seats on - a complete response and we know Naia Danko, Student
the BIRT for students. Those interested in serving on the BIRT should contact the that this delay is often difficult for Wendy Endress, Vice President
most directly impacted. It for Student Affairs and Chair
GSU. We also shared this information by email to all enrolled students and employ- isthose
important to be aware that it Sharon Goodman, Director, Resiees on Oct. 4 via email and a post in Greener Commons.
is not always possible to fully ad- dential & Dining Services
Hunt's article provides a time- veteran but does not rise to the and stated in the Social Contract, dress every incident, particularly Meredith Inocencio, Director,
ly reminder of the importance of level of a crime. Discrimination and th~ Six Expectations of an when information is lacking and Access Services for Students with
clarifying the language, roles and constitutes treatment by the Col- Evergreen Graduate. Sometimes those responsible are unknown. Disabilities
processes related to reducing and lege in its administration or teach- bias-related incidents include be- More information about the Rashida Love, Director, First
responding to bias at Evergreen.
ing, which if repeated, is in favor haviors that may be addressed policies, · procedures, and proto- Peoples' Multicultural Advising
The Evergreen ·State Col- of or against a person or group of through the Student Code of col of _the BIRT is available at Services
lege seeks to foster a community people based on their protected Conduct. diversity/ biasinci- Lorie Mastin, Affirmative Action
where people feel welcomed and group status as listed above. The
Equal Opportunity Officer
Through the leadership of the dentprotocol.htm.
respected. As a public college and Non-discrimination Policy anq Bias Incident Response Team, the
Informing the community Tom Mercado, Director, Student
dynamic learning community Sexual Harassment and Sexual College seeks to provide a timely of incidents and condemning Activities & College Activities
we also honor free expression of Misconduct Policy provide pro- response to reports of bias-related bias when it occurs is an impor- Building
ideas and opinions, even when cesses_for addressing discrimina- incidents. This Team convenes tant first step-but not the only Trevor Speller, Academic Dean
they are unpopular or counter to tion at Evergreen.
with the following purposes: I) step--m creating an inclusive Kelly Schrader, Title IX Administhese values of inclusion. As in
Speech and acts motivated by collect reports of incidents that community where freedom of trator and Integrated Prevention
the larger society, sometimes this bias are incompatible with our as- may be bias-related and help to speech is respected. Statements Coordinator
speech or conduct is biased or re- pirations to cultivate a welcoming assess whether they are biased from the BIRT cannot fully ad- Andrea Seabert Olsen, Senior
sults in discrimination.
and respectful learning commu- against protected groups as out~ dress the damage bias does to our Conduct Officer
Bias is conduct, speech or ex- nity. Bias may send an unwelcom- · lined in the College Non-discrim- community. Fostering a learning Stacy Brown, Director, Police
pression that is motivated by prej- ing message to the most vulner_. ination Policy; 2) connect these · community that is welcoming Services
udice based on perceived race, able members of our community reports with existing policies, pro- and respectful demands the att~n- Todd Sprague, Marketing and
color, religion, creed, national and we may suffer from the loss cedures and protocols and assist tion and involvement of all of its Communications
origin, sex, sexual orientation, of their presence and voice. in ensuring they are applied as members.
Andrea Vanden Bossche, Advisor,
gender identity, gender expres- These sentiments are described appropriate; 3) provide a timely
The BIRT's responsibility is Student Publications
sion, marital status, age, disability, in President Bridges' Spring 2016 response to addressing incidents to inform the community when
pregnancy, or status as a disabled response to a bias-related incident that are often expressions of free potentially biased incidents have

$ .


Infonnation from the BiasRelated Incid~nt Response





















Write a Letter or Email
Survey your class find out
who is sick of this treatment (it
shouldn't be hard) and see if
they would be willing to sign a
statement or letter addressed to
your professor outlining what
the problem is. Tiris is a good
option if you are weary of confrontation. It directly outlines
your wants and needs vvithout
you having to have a face-to-face

son if you ,\'·ant your request to
be taken seriouslr
We've all heard that these
reports are options but they are
there for only a certain type of
incident and can't help with
the numerous microaggressions ,faced daily. This showcases the


bigger probl,e_ms we have the
school, which is they're great at
making statements not so great at


actually following through with ·•i•·.
action. This dynamic makes a
lot of us feel as if we are voiceless. POC Talk's goal is to bring _
these issues to the attention of
the school! Our voices are valid!
I arp. also at a loss as to what
;v-i!l change the dynamics at this
school. A lot of tl1e time it feels as
if tlie administration doesn't care
much about us outsi?e·of reten- -1=•. :
ti.on number. So what do we do?
Do we start a petition to have all -ii
professors and students undergo
training around oppression like
they do with sexual assault during O week? This is something I
personally have thought of doing


Write or Email POC Talk
Too scared to give your Jetter to the professor in question?
Send it to me! We'll publish your
complaints and give you a space
to voice your _concerns! That's
just what we'rC here for.


By Jennifer Hicks
ello all and welcome back to POC Talk a column for POC by POC! With
week 7 creeping to a close I know we're all feeling that end of fall quarter
stress w.hile patiently and diligently biding our time until the sweet sweetrelease of winter break. For some of'us this will be the end of the time we have ,vith
our specific professors and classmates, but for others we will carry on in two or three
· quarter classes. For those of you continuing on in your class this issue of POC Talk
will address the age old question, what do I do about my teachers microaggressions


Or more specifically as this it seems laughable. A substantial
person vvrote in:
number of POC students at Ev''\Vhat do you say to your ergreen have had at least one inwhite feminist professor who stance of being made to educate
consistently does racist shit in their entire class and ;professor,
class? VVhy are these people al- sometimes literally being called
10\ved to teach or be in positions out by name in class by said pro\vhere they have to interact ·with fessor as jf it's our job to educate
a large group of people from dif- everyone in the classroom whenferent backgrounds and vvithout ever they see fit. There's no detraining in ways of communica- nying Evergreen classrooms are
tion that isn't essentially gaslight- white focused and this take~ .a
ing? rm sick of the way profes- lot of energy and causes a 10'1: ·or
sors in academia get away ,vith harm to students of color at this
inflicting trauma on students by school. So let me say I'm right
telling them that it's because they there ,vith you, the need to conmust not understand. If multiple stantly be fightirig and educating
students are telling you the same is painful. So here are my suggesshit, obviously the problem i& tions ,vith just how to deal ,vith
you and your fucked up way of these professois: communicating - in a professcir /
student dynamic. Is it lack of
Create a Support Group
self-avvareness? Is it because a
Chances are you aren't the
professor/student relationship in only one in class not happy about
academia is heavily influenced by this professor's treatment. Someoppressive and classist points Of times a good round of venting
viev.r and is apparently doomed , like minded classmates is all
to remain as such?"
you need to settle yourself in the
So what do you do as a POC short term. Even if the problem
student at this vefy white school? continues knmving who's on your
The school ,._,ill claim it has a fo- . side can be helpful and knowcus on diversity but I think ,ve ing other students have the same
all have personal experience that problem may make it easier to
could contradict that to the point eventually confront the teacher .


Call Them Out
Hear me out on this one, honestly 1 know from personal experience this is the first thing we
think of and tl1e last thing we do
because confrontation, especially
,vith someone who is an authority figure. is terrifying. You don't
want to have to put yoµrself
through the pain of correcting
the professor especially in front
of the class, but if you can manage it (and aren't scared of retaliation) this may be a good option,
and other classmates may be
thankful that someone took the
painful step of bringing it up and
support you in tbe dialogue. You
can also request to speak to the
teacher after class. Or if you have
more than one professor you may
be able to ask the other professor
to support you either next time
it happens or let you switch out
of the profs seminar to ease the
The problem with this option
is it's just more of what's driving
us crazy in the first place, and
that is being forced to educate
when you are the one paying for
an education.

Address it in Your Teacher
'"> If you can make it till the end
pf class when teacher evaluations
are due this may be the route you
want to take because even if you
are scared of retaliation you can
set evaluations to not be released
'ot;i/il tl\e teacher has released
your student eval protecting you.
Go to First People~
They are so willing to/ advocate for students and help you
with your problems.
First Peoples Multicultural
Advising Services is in room
2153 of the Library Building.
-Phone: (360) 867-6467
For more extreme cases you
may want to go to the dean or
The school has a bias report
system, though reports to tl1ese
offices must follow these guidelines:
"To constitute a hate crime
or bias incident, sufficient objective facts must be present to lead
a reasonable and prudent person
to conclude that the actions in
question are more likely than not
motivated by bias toward the status of a targeted individual or a
group. The Protocol w-ill be initiated when an alleged hate crime
or bias incident is reported"
Information about where
to report can be found on the
schools website at:
http:/ /
diversity /biasincidentprotocol.
This may seem like an effective system but from what i've
heard talking to fellow students,
calling in isn't always enough.
You may want to report in per-


before. Do w. ·e protest? Do we .
take the painful (and draining)
approach of dealing with this
on a class by class or teacher by
teacher basis? As ahvavs let me
know what you all thi;k at tl1e -.;
poc talk submissions email:
and keep the questions coming.
POC talk out'


Dear White people, please
take a step back, no this isn't
b ro\vn -pe op 1e-answer-whi tepeople's-questions-hour,
asking specifically for submissions from POC
Although racism, neo nazis
and issues of police abuse and harassment are major issues within
our communities. We really \Vant
to try and focus this column on
being a place for POC without
inadvertently making it all about
white people and how they treat
us. The thing is ,ve don't nCed
our eyes opened to these issues
we knm,v, live and eA-perience
them personally. \Ve want this
to be a place where we can be us
v,rithout it being overshadm-ved
by the dark cloud tl1at is living
under white- supremacy and being forced to look at life through
the lense and from the perspective of white people. This is why .

when we do cover these issues it
,vill be in the context and from
the perspective of POC and













Arts & Culture


'' E

By Ruby Love

ve:ryone is an artist - you have to be put in a place where you can access
those capabilities. If people could find themselves in a position to unlock this, they would be so much more fulfilled .. .it's instant confirmation that you're skilled in something really amazing."
I sat ·down with our cover
artist, Waldorf teacher Molly Mackinnon,* from Prairie
Moon Waldorf School in Lawrence, Kansas, to talk about the
evolution of her chalk drawing
style, the use of art in Waldorf
education, and learning to let go
of your work.

First off, when did you
start at Prairie Moon, and
did you do .chalk drawings
I didn't do any chalk drawings before, and I started in the
fall of 2012. All of tl1c chalk
dra\¾angs of Norse Myths, Tepees or Longhouses, and caves ...
those were all during that first

What's the Waldorf philosophy around chalk drawing?
The underlying pru,ciple
is that the way that we set up
the aesthetics of our classroom
should come as directly from
the creative source as possible,
so, for example a typical public school classroom might have
motivational posters, or titnes
table posters, or manufactured
things that are given . out for
fre_e by who knows who, .but
the teach,r has nothing• to do
v,ith creating those tl1ings. So;
in .. ,ou_r classrooms _we-want--to:
have completely natural· tfongs.
For_C_xan1ple,- it's ver:/ typical-·for_
[Waldorf] classrooms to. have
a. nature table, which changes
th_rough the ·seasons, s0 .thCfo

miglit be fall leaves, and maybe a squash, and some acorns,
things like that. Or maybe a nature table based .on the main lesson that you're teaching. \'\Then
I was teaching abput Kansas .or
local geography, I had a bison
skull and some driftwood from
.the Kansas River, and old stone
tools and some prairie grass and
things like that. So, what you
have on your walls is also to be·coming direCt _. from a creative
sp_ace :that a teacher creates.
Qhalk di;awings are there in lieu
of pos_ters;·or charts)_or maps, or
How much room do you
have to experiment, to do
whatever drawing .•.
·we have total creative free-

<lorn, but essentially it should
have something to do with the
grade that you 're in. I would
never make a physics draVving
for .third grade, you know. But
in my first classroom there were
a bunch of chalk boards, so I
felt compelled to do something
on all of them, so sometimes I
would have a_ poem ... Every
month I would change out aportion of my chalk board ... [using
the Douglas County Almanac]
to talk about what moon it was~
in the Osage counting system;
so maybe it _was the Baby Bear
Moon, and I'd do a little chalk
drawing of that. I had a whole
lot of leeway on what I wanted
to bring into-pictures... but it \\'as
always applicable to. the main
lesson or the year t.hat I was in.
[Waldorf tea.chers move up with
their class, s6 they teach a differlent gr,a.deeach school year.]
· • But then also, I have to say,
I was always yery influenced
by Wherever we -::went on summer vacation, The year that we
s(:>11,'tl:r.vest, which
was two years ago, I put these
Anasazi drawiligs of animals
like birds and the hare and different things, and I put them in
the colors of the four directions,
according to the Navajo, and I
just kept them there all year almost like corner markers of the


Tell me about the evolution of your chalk drawing
style, did you learn it from
Waldorf people, or did you
· experiment on your own?
We had two separate chalk
drawing seminars ... it was like a
one day workshop and then it
happened again maybe a year
later, so I was able to learn some
techniqnes through that, but it's
mostly self-taught. I find chalk
to be one of the most forgiving
artistic materials that I've ever
worked with. Especially when I
learned to make the drawings
from the inside out, mostly, because then you are not committed to the outer line. If I'm making a planet, I'm going to draw
it from the middle ontward and
if my circle is wonky, I can keep
correcting it until it is what I
want, rather than drmving a





Olympia Film Society





206 5th Avenue SE. 9pm. $7

Kung Fu Theater

le Voyeur
404 4th Ave 1/\1. 10pm. 21+

The Mona Reels. Michael
Musika, Eric &Erica



415 Water St SW. 12pm.

Pupusa Day, $1.75 pupusas



AIL Freakin' Night




Olympia Film Society

206 5th Avenue SE. 11pm. $15.

*The.Track House
7pm. All Ages. $5.
Gossamer, Plattenbau,
FreakyPup, Sawtooth



414 4th Ave E. 7:30pm. 21+. $7.

Di11ry Disclosure #7

Lil Vouyer
404 4th Ave W. 9pm. All Ages.
Rugby, The Washboard Abs,
Le Grotto




Le Vouyer
404 4th Ave

W. 10pm. 21+.

Pleasure Systems, Gourmet,
Cocordian, I2M1

Le Voyeur
8:30pm. All Ages.

Vomity 106



The Red House

7pm. All Ages..NOTAFLOF.

Holy Tentacles, The Lunch,
Flesh Collage, Gourmet






404 4th Ave W. 10pm. 21+.
Casey Chisholm/ Two Bears
North/ R.H.M./ Ben Varian



perfect circle and then ha.\ring
to mess with that. But that being said, even in chalk you can
smear everything. So, at first, I
was a big smeare"r... I vvas smear
woman! I Was constantly hav-





Arts & Culture
Cover Artist Interview with Molly Mackinnon continued from page 5

actually did that! I can't believe
Most of the time, they're
done on boards that are attached to the wall, so I can't
transfer them in any kind of
way. I feel too like that letting go
is a really important thing to be
able to do, and if I photograph
them, I feel like I still have a record of them, and the colors all
there, and they'll serve me in the
future. A couple times I've done
them on large format black
construction paper, and then I
end up hanging them up in the
boys' bedroom for a while, until
they disintegrate ... They live in
people's memory, which is really
Waldorf-y actually, that's the
way it's supposed to be.

Would you talk about some
other mediums you work
in? I feel weird representing you as a chalk artist


Artist Molly Mackinnon in her classroom. Photograph courtesy of PRARIE MOON.

ing aching fingers because I was ing. He's still there!
one ·dealer... and I hate their
making these huge chalk drawBut I did invest in this re- chalk, because the chalk colings and smearing everything, ally great chalkboard drawing ors are these soft pastel-y, kind
cause I want it to look smooth, I book. .. the thing that's really of Waldorf-y colors, and I'm
don't want it to have gritty look cool is someone teaches you a much toe;> much of a dictator
to it, I wanted it to look like a technique and you can immedi- for that kind of stuff. So I want
real rich picture. Over time, I ately put it into play, and ~t im- really brilliant colors or I want
just sort of discovered things.
mediately works! Y sually it's just lots of shades of colors to work
But, you know, I made a lot . a subtle thing, like using grey - a with. One of the best chalks I've
of mistakes, like I got -ahold of little light shade of grey over one found is made by ·Prang, which
Nana's chalk pastels-I was al- half of the person's face - like I makes really crappy crayons,
ways looking for rich and beau- did with that Queen Elizabeth, but it makes really good colors
tiful and varied color, with subtle and it just pops the face out like of chalk. And then, there are
differences in greens and blues ·you wouldn't believe!
. these other chalks that are sold
and things like that. I was like,
I work from pictures, though.> in kind of large bricks...they're
oh my god here's this incred- You can really tell the difference probably the size of a small canible palette that I can use! Well, when I work from a picture ver- _ dy bar. They practically dissolve
I made Goethe's color wheel sus when I'm making it up on when you're hitting the chalkon one of my chalk boards one my own ... Either f work from board, all this powder just falls
year, and it was the most in- a photo or from the artist's own off of them, but they make the
credible thing, because I could work, like with da Vmci. You most amazing light layer over
choose his exact colors and then copy the masters - you learn something...
blend them to his exact blends by copying .. . I'm a fake! I'm a
What I just discovered the
that were in between a primary fraud!
other day is that.. .I have these
and secondary color! Um ...well,
pure pigment powders that I
that's still on that chalk board, Do you have a particular own innumerable colors of..
two years later. Haha! It will not kind of chalk you like to they're really amazing, some of
wash off, it's like stained on... so use, or do you just use them are the same pigments that
that chalkboard eventually had whatever is laying around? cave painters used, and I just
to be sanded down and repaintOh, my god! No! I'm such a discovered that I can make my
ed. I did that again on another chalk snob, like with everything own chalk with the pigments!
chalk board that I still use.. .I else!
So, I'm gonna do that.
erased what I had on there the
other day, which was this anat- I know, I don't know why I Whoa! So you have the
omy chalk drawing, and lo and even asked that ...
pigments, but what do you
behold, this Mayan · warrior
Waldorf schools at large or- use to bind them to chalk?
pops up out of the chalk draw- der their art supplies from this
You can actually get chalk-


ing, it's called, which I guess: is
chalk powder, and then you aad
the pigment to it and then you
add some kind of wax, I think...
something that binds it together.
I'm going to give it a try, because
I can make any color I want.

How long do you normally
have a chalk drawing up,
and how do you deal with
parting with it?

[It's very tied in with the
school year, because] when the
summer comes and I have all
this free time, do I do any of
that? Not really. I guess it depends on the grades that I'm
teaching, because tons of weton-wet watercolor' is done in the
early grades.. .it's a huge part of
the artistic process for children,
up through sixth grade. Then it
starts to be overtaken by other
things such as black and white
drawing, having things emerge
out of darkness. Also, precision
drawing, or projective geometry
drawing, pen and ink...portrait
drawing becomes a lot more involved ih middle school because
we talk about a lot of historical
figures. It's been a most incredible learning experience for me,
learning all of these mediums.

For the most part, I only have
a chalk drawing up for as long as
I am doing that main lesson. As I
teach higher and higher grades,
{Ily main lessons last less and less
time, so my chalk drawings are
going up and coming down in
two to three weeks as opposed
to about four weeks. Basically,
Molly has studied anthroI've trained myself to think of pology, French, Arabic, Polish
it in the way that a Mandala is literature, poetry, film, culinary
created, that you create it for a arts, and just about everything
purpose, it is done with care and else. She currently teaches midbeauty, and then you let it go. dle school (7th and 8th grade)
Most of the time, I can just do at Prairie Moon. You can find
that.. .it's my students who are more of Molly's work on the
throwing themselves in front of Prairie Moon Waldorf School
my chalk drawings, begging me Facebook page. *In addition
not to erase. When I did Odin, to her many talents, Molly also
they were so upset, they did not birthed me and raised me and
want me to get rid of itl There · answers my phone calls every
are a few that I'm really loathe week and lets me send her picto erase, but that's why I pho- tures of my dog and always says
tograph them all, so I can look he's cute.
back and be like 'Oh my god, I



Arts & Culture

By Jon Fitzgerald
Photos by Tari Gunstone
he Evergreen Organic Farm celebrated
its harvest this year with the 35th annual
Harvest Festival. My partner a,nd I walked
the path down the hill as we entered the Organic Farm. Everything was still, and arriving at the
farmhouse, I felt the first real nostalgic wave of
time passing since this school year began.


As the trail transitions from
Last year's Harvest Festival
was my first Evergreen event ,gravel at the farmhouse back to
and somehow, right at that a wide path that runs thro.ugh
moment, I felt it mark the pass the organic farm, a band was
of time, and a loop of cable setting up on the stage that
that I seem to subconsciously acts as a kind of main attracwrap as I gather the experi- tion area with a couple rows of
ences coming toward me was hay for sitting. I felt the squirm
finished in my head. It con- of Olympic mud coming up to
sisted of everything in between meet my boot as it pressed into
the two Harvest Festivals and it the path. It was more wet this
will most likely sit in my mental year than last, but I realized
pile of never-ending cable, un- that last year's festival took
labeled, with an equal chance place two weeks earlier, and
of being unfindable twenty in October that often makes a
lot of difference. Despite the
years from now.

weather, all the most classic
elements of Harvest Fest were
there; the cider-makers' cider
·making, the farm tour givers
giving farm tours, the clipboarders clipboarding, and I,
with no inclinations other than
receiving the good vibes of
the harvest, became a roundsmaker.
wDown the small hill, kids
and parents carved pumpkins,
students played frisbee, and
most importantly, the organic
farm sold their beloved harvest. Beloved, not because of
its necessity to the Evergreen
community, but because of
the purpose it contains. The
students who work at the organic farm, the students who
participate in putting on the

Harvest .Festival, the families
carving pumpkins~ and I all
benefit from this harvest. We
need something to work towards and something to mark
the progress of our lives. The
harvest ~nd the Harvest Festival happen every year, not because th~ plants are produced
every year, but because people
plant crops every year, and
work the farm, and organize
events, and create recurring
events for us to measure our
lives with. Depending on one's
distance from . the root of this
event, we might be working
all year towards this festival or
just all week or even all day.
I went to the Harvest Festival and I didn't buy produce
or take a farm tour or drink

cider or carve a pumpkin, but
going there made all the difference because I know now
that my energy is new energy.
There's no alarm in your head
that goes off when you've begun again. Days are short and
mental fatigue can· build up
even if you sleep well every
. night. It really can feel like
! you're always going, but something cyclical like a seasonal
event can make you look up
at the time and notice that it's day or the next year. I
can be sure that what I am doing now is part of a new cycle,
a new loop. I feel like I have
the chance to do everything I
did last time or I do every time

' 't





Letters & OQinion

Making Meaning Out of
By Tavi Gunstone


t's poignant that in America, we have to commercialize the giving of
thanks in order to get our heads out c:>,f our asses for one moment. It
doesn't come naturally for us to celebrate the opportunities, resources,
and luxuries we've been offered. Life is a hard road to navigate, but it has
been paved with things worth celebrating. For all of us Greeners, we are
united by the possibility of going to college. While it would be beneficial
for each of us to make a practice of continually recognizing and stating
our gratitude, the Thanksgiving holiday offers an opportunity for us to be
forced into it. However, it is essential to understand why it is on the ca1endar and what is problematic about it.
The fabricated story commonly told of white settlers and indigenous people shara friendly harvest festival between indig- ing a me;i together centers around the earenous people and their new pilgrim neigh- ly Plymouth Rock settlers and the Wampabors is a disgraceful cover-up for.the riotous noag tribe in 1621. Wampanoag ,varriors
celebrations which followed the violent vic- set up camps surrounding the pilgrim's
tories of white settlers against indigenous new village for three days to keep a careful
people. The first account of such festivals eye on the pilgrims while they ecstatically
occurred in 163 7 in what is now modern shot offguns and cannonS-tO celebrate their
day Connecticut -with the_ honoring. of first successful crop harv.;t due to the helpwhite "hunters" ·who. had just returned . ful aid of Squanto, a Patuxet tribesman
from a massacre of at least 700 indigenciu_s· who had been previously enslaved by EuPequot men, women, ·and children during ropean captors. The Wampanoags hunted
the Pequot's celebration of their Green and foraged to provide food for their camps
Corn Festival. Appropriating the indig- in the forests, and the pilgrims ate their
enous festival for their OvVTI, ·_the·- governor harvest in toVv.U~ Some ·accounts suggest
declared, "From that day forth, .shall be a that the Wampanoags were invited to join
day of celebration and Thanksgiving for the pilgrims, with the Wampanoags then
subduing the Pequots." The_war:celebra.:.. providing the bulk of the food eaten. But
tions of early America became_soJrequent -:regardless; .there was no large dining table
that by the time George Washington .be- decorated Vvith a cornucopia of Autumn
came president, he ordered a prodamation produce connecting them.
for just one annual day of, Thariksgiving
History does nof point us ·to\vard ·the
to be celebrated on thursda:y,__-_Noverriber stories of harmony. -be.tvveen indigenous
26th, 1789. The presidents that follO\ved people and white settlers like the Thanksfrequently r_cncwcd this pr~cfaJn_a\fon ~ a_ giving wc_\,verc taught' as children, :instead
weil-liked tradition until AbrahamLincoln their relations are ovenvhclmingly .marked
officially declared a for the by physical and cultural genocide, slavery,
givlng of_ than_ks on the fourth No\rcinber land t¾eft_, and other horrific- atrocities.
of each year ··after, of course, a- successful For many i1icligenous people, Thanksgiv\Var batt}c.-fqr thc·Unlon Arm)'"i1}_1_863.
ing serves as a pivotal moment each year
The closest we historically know of to raise their voices \ pTotest against


Thanksgiving as a marker of that genocide. There is an annual "National Day
of Mourriing" gatheririg in PlymOuth;
Massachusett.i:; and ·an "Unthanksgivi_ng"
rally in San Francisco. For non-indigenous
r\mericans who arc_aware of the origins of
Thanksgiving, it seems mote appropriate
to have a day of Atonement than a day of
The holiday cOntinucs as_ a deeply imbeddcd culturil emblem· that \-Ve ate forced
to -interact with, regardless if \VC personally
celebrate it ·or not. As Evergreen students;
we are given a whole ;;veck off of school
surroUnding Thanksgiving day. ?vlany of
our families expect us to come home and
perform rituals of cooking, football \vatching, excessive eating: and even engage in
the fi:cnzicd act of capitalistic cxccssivc-ness that is Black Friday shopping. Thi_$ of
course can be a happy time of sharing and
creating memories. I pcrsonaHy love 'eating
myself into a food coma 1"'·hcrc I _can justify
a t\.vo hour couch nap. I also _lo\:e preparing food vvith loved ones""in the kitchen and
think catirlg_·--.together -.vithout cell phones
and other diSfracti.ons is a sacred a.ct in this
modern age. For others, the Thanksgiving holiday c,an be a shit-show of deeply
embedded family conflict where everyone's sharpening their _claws,, alOng
the knife that will carve'sthe turkey. Joyful
or intolerably aggravating,, it is essential
that ·we acknowledge the'liiStory of racism
that birthed this holiday. It is terrible that
our day of gratefulness memorializes tlie
rampage of vi.olence and injustice against
indigenous people in our country. If you
are celebrating Thanksgiving in some form
or an oilier, I suggest diving into this history
further than this short article can provide.
I encourage sharing this knowledge with
your family and friends at your Thanksgiving gathering, even if it feels torturous to be
the bearer of bad ne,vs. I also offer these
suggestions for helping create a meaningful, or at least tolerable experience of this
observed holiday.

Christmas might carry heavier weight
of family obligation, but your Thanksgiving plans can be up to you. You are an
adult now, your parents and grandparents
can likely understand tliat you are beginning_ to form new important communities
in you:t'· lift: that _you want to invest ln. Let
your celebration of gtatitude be reflected
upon the people you ·are most _ge_nuinel)'
grateful for at this time in•·your life. Don't
feel guilty for skipping it with .the family
.if this means being with friends. If you're
worried··abOtit your"family's r_eaction, seri.d
a nice_ card_ -in.advahce:_If .eating chinese
tak<>:Ol!-t. and listening -to Yo'Ur favorite_ records in youi friCnd'S·hasemcnt·so'unds like
a._-goOd _time; gO for'.it. ·-n,fijb_e :i_t-:'½-:ill feel
mOst mc.aningfu1 ·to go forage_ ffiushr~Oms
v.zith _fr,ie11ds __Or:-buy \ 1cgetableS :from a farni
you love_-.3.J_"ld·want to_.sUppof,LtO Cfeate-a:
special dinh_er ·_that;; spirit _of

It might feel excruciatingly forced and
perhaps a bit corny to go around the table
discussing what yOu are grateful for, but
it can be an un_comfortable practice v,,'lth
great te,.vard. _Every year my friends and I
celebrate Tanksgiveamas (a hybrid Thanksgiviilg-Christmas celebration where we get
tanked). Sometime during the night, V,'e
alJ crmvd ·into one room and sit dmvn to
share \vhat IYC are most grateful the year
offered to us. \VC laugh, nod in agreement:
and a skw of us even tear up at the tenderness of it aH. \Ve reflect on personal
growth: on things that have been undeniably difficult, on rcafo::ations and moments
of humnity \Ve share \.\'hat we love about
the people with us in that room, and we zu-e
given pcrmi0sion to say what \Ve- love about
ourselves. It's a t-ime of vulnerability that
leaves us all with a sense of persistence to
get through tl1e rest of the year \'1-ith a full
heart. .I[ the giving of thanks in a round
comes up for you this year, try to contribute meaningfull;~ It's easy to say you are
thankful for having food:, shelter, and clothing, but digging into the deeper stuff can be
poignant and can turn a boring tradition
into a possibility for genuine reflection.

I11,stead of bearing the conventional
football watching and drawn-out dinner
set-Up, make -a suggestion to your family
or friends to sVvi.tch it up this year or create a new tradition of helping a nonprofit
that serves meals to people who don't have
access to a warm home. The Thurston
County Food Bank will be distributing food
boxes for Thanksgiving on Monday; the
21st and are looking for volunteers. You
can also serve hot meals for lunch or dinner any day of the week at the Community
Kitchen on 5th and Plum or on Saturdays
with Food not Bombs (contact olyfoodnotbombs@gmail.eom).

Most importantly, see Thanksgiving
as a day to honor and support the indigenous people in our local communities and
across the nation who are still continuing
to fight for their sovereign rights. Do more
than just talk about it. Of course; the most
highlighted struggle right now is the ongoing Standing Rock protests to halt the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline.
Major financial contribution is needed to
help support medical clinics, camp food
and supplies, and legal defense funds to
keep the protest alive. On a more local
note, save your money to buy holiday gifts
from indigenous ar~sans and vendors rather than engaging in the madness of Black
Friday and other holiday shopping venues
that s6 often e:,.,.1)loit the labors of the poor-est in our global community.



Letters & OQinion

A Port of the Problem
By Pauline Allep
his September the level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere
permanently surpassed 400ppm (parts per million). The safe
level of CO2 is 350ppm (like the climate justice organization
named, if you've never heard of it I recommend you check
it out). The first reading assignment in my program Botany: Plants,
Fungi, and People was Naomi Klein's This Changes Everything, a
daunting, well researched book about climate change and capitalism
that leaves one feeling a combination of depressed, more depressed,
hop~ful, and motivated.


Then I learned that the Port of
Olympia plays a role in what activists
are calling the "Bakken Oil Fracking
Monster" which is an iconic frightening-looking octopus that symbolizes
the assemblage of interactions that enable the fracking process, Bakken being
the name of the oil formation under
North Dakota, Montana, Saskatchewan
and Manitoba. The Port of Olympia
receives shipments of proppants, also
called ceramic fracking sands, from
China and then loads them on trains to
be transported to fracking sites. These
proppants are used during the fracking
process to prop open the fractures in the
ground long enough for the crude oil to
be extracted. All of this is connected,
the worsening climate crisis, my studies at Evergreen, the Port of Olympia.
connected is NoDAPL, the ongoing protest against the Dakota Access
Pipeline at Standing Rock. NoDAPL
relates to Klein's This Changes Everything, because in the positive portion of
the book she talks about "Blockadia"a place that occurs globally "wherever
extractive projects are attempting to dig
and drill" and people are creating a resistance. Standing Rock is one of these
sites of Blockadia where indigenous
peoples and environmentalists are flocking to protest the pipeline that as plans
stand now would cross sacred sites of
the Standing Rock Sioux and travel
under the Missouri river causing concern if it were to break. The Standing
Rock protest is a combination of many
struggles: for Native Sovereignty, for
clean saie water ("Water is Life"), for an
end to fracking, and for climate justice.
It is also about how seemingly far away
and unassuming places, like the Port of
Olympia, are enabling these problems.
After learning about the port's involvement, I attended a "No Oil Fracking Sands at our Port" rally on Oct. 22
at the Port Plaza. After days of gray-


ness and rain, the sun shining down on
the 100-plus participants felt like a sign
that positive change could be achieved.
There were a number of people who
spoke, sang, and performed poetry.
There was a lot of energy in the. crowd
and it seemed like many people felt emotional over the severity of the struggles
at Standing Rock and empowered to do
something locally.
The ·completion of the DAPL pipeline would signify that the U.S. is willing
to extract oil and gas as IJlUCh as possible with disregard to the consequences
including health of its citizens and increasing the climate catastrophe. The
investment of large scale infrastructure
like the DAPL would increase fracking and discourage transitioning to renewables in the United States. As E. J.
Zita, an Evergreen professor and one
of Olympia's port commissioners, said
in her speech at the Not in our Port
Rally, "Oil and natural gas are not the .
bridge to renewables, but the bridge to
One way to stop the .Bakken Oil
Fracking Monster is to cut off its limbs
so that it can no longer function. This is
how the Port of Olympia is connected
to Standing Rock. There are currently
multiple groups working to oppose the
transport of proppants through the
Port. Many people are looking to learn
from the port's history as this new resistance grows: During the Iraq War the
Port of. Olympia was used to ship military cargo. Protests followed; violence
between police and protesters led to arrests and thousands of dollars were lost
by the port. The port stopped shipping
military cargo. People are now asking
how to avoid such violence and how to
amass the power of the people to once
again stop a shipment.
Another limb of Bakken Oil Fracking
Monster that can be severed is the funding sources. According to a report by the

non-profit Food and Water Watch, 38
banks have directly financed the DAPL.
Included in this list are Wells Fargo, Citibank, US Bank, and Bank of America.
This means that if you have an account
in one of these banks, your money is being used to finance DAPL. I recommend
that you, transfer your money to a Credit
Union; most credit unions support their
local econo!llies and provid~ more transparency with their actions.
All of these actions can add up to-

wards the "momentum theory of
change" which is this beautiful idea that
multiple energies and involvements can
come from different angles and actions
and cumulatively produce change. So
if some people move their money to
local banks and divest from fossil fuels,
some go to Standing Rock, some email
the president, some revision the po.rt of
Olympia, some educate others, and so
on, then collectively we can create the
future that we want to live in.

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Search Greener Commons for "Parking WAC Change"
to i:ead the proposed draft.
Send comments to Andy Corn at
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By Sylvie Chace
Everyone has been feeling the intensity of the seas<?n and ndw that fall .quarter is over hallway through we're all exhausted! With the loving venus about to transition into goaloricrlted Capricorn on november 11th, our relation;;hips are about to be put under the mic:i6scope. Planet of intensity, Mars recently entered the creative Aquarius. This makes these
next feJ._weeks a time to get to know ourselves and our surroundings in an intimate way. \'Vho in your life do you trnst more than anyone? \.Yho is holding you back? Putting our
. energy into something creatively fulfilling may be helpful for all the signs. A full moon in Taurus on the 14th will add some stability to our lives. v\iith all these slight planetary shifts
happening so close together, our attention is drawn to where it is most needed. ·



You may find yourself moving a bit too fast. Slow do¼n a minute there. ·while the intensity that this
season has brought doesn't exactly scare you, it may start to be ovenvhelming you. You may find
yourself being a bit short 'With the people around you so find some inner peace among the chaos.
Write a poem) paint something beautiful, give something back to yoursel£

TAURUS 4120-5120
You're getting there, little by little, step by step, don't get down on yourself because you think your
grov.rth isn't happening. You may feel like a late bloomer, but once the moon is in your sign you ,vill
see that this season can be yours too. Give yourself some spare time to get some t.asks-done. Spend
time to be alone and process your grmvth. You'll see that you end up feeling better "With a minute to
yourself where you're not comparing yourself to others.

GEMINI 5121 - 6120
Finding balance isn't easy. It seems as though you're caught in taking time to be introspective, but
still wanting to be a social butterfly. You can have the best of both worlds!Just k,i::ep looking for what
works for you. Maybe it's easier to hang out with friends one-on-one lately? Or maybe you've been
too cooped up and you need to balance it out '¼ a big night out! keep seeking out a balance vvith
your dualistic personality and_ you'll start to feel a little bit of harmoily in tlris season of intensity.

CANCER 6121 - 7;22
You are an intense sign in your own right. People mistake you for being "too soff' but your emotional intensity is what makes you powerful! Lately you'ye been making big plans an~ thinking far
ahead into what you really want in the future. Think carefully; don't get too wrapped· up in what
could be, rather focus on how to achieve all of your goals in a way that emotionally fulfills you.

LEO 7;23-8122
You've been acting like a real grown-up lately, you still may not carry a planner -with you at all times,
but your work ethic is stronger. Focus on who you're surroundingyourself ..vith. What goals do you
have for your relationships? Do you know who your real friends are? St;rrt giving some thought
about who the supportive people in your life may be right now and you might feel closer to finding
a balance between work and your social life.

VIRGO 8/23- 9;22
You are naturally the type of person who wants to step in and help when you see something going
wrorig. Use that power to be a source of positivity for )'our friends and loved ones. Be someone others can come to if they need a hand. You'll feel good about yourself knowing that you're needed,
because you are needed, you are necessal1-:.


LIBRA 9;23-10122 .,
Start planning som'e'tlllng bigger for_yoursel£ You've been doing a lot of introspeCtive work recently
and maybe something's off? You may feel that something in your life may not be quite right. Find
harmony. Balance is your thing, so start moving and making tlrings happen for yoursel£

SCORPIO 10123",. 11121

This scorpio season has been an Unforgiving one for sure. Don't even act like you don't love it. Tearing things apart can definitely be cat,partic, but now that your season is on it's last couple weeks, start
putting the pieces back together. Make your world feel new ai:;id exciting again. Connect, or even
reconnect, ¼ others in a way that makes you feel complete.)

SAGITTARIUS 11122-12121
With venus no longer in your sign you may find yourself challenging or questioning the relationships around you. You're known for being quite blunt, and this may not be a bad tlring when
figuring out who you want near you in your life. Is there someone bothering you? Or rather
someone you're finding yourself drawn to? Explore your feelings towards others and you may find
some stability in your social life.

CAPRICORN 12122-1119
You've been wrapped up in yourself lately, it may feel as though you can never catch a break, both
emotionally and physically. Luckily, the loving and tender planet Venus is about to be in your sign!
This is a time to .focus on your ~lationships in a positive way and let yourself love and be loved.
Take someone you like out for a date, or spend one-on-one time with close friends. Let the love you
feel for the people in your life be that emotional break you need.

AQUARIUS 1120-2118
With passionate and intense Mars now in your sign your creative juices are flowing. Don't hold back.
Your alias is the water-bearer, and lately it feels like there's too much water to bear. Let it all out.
Write a song, dance it out or do whatever self care feels right for you as a way to release. You might
find that what you create in the end is something to be proud 0£

PISCES 2119-3120
Start thinking about goals for yourself. With the quarter over halfway over, it's time to use your
intuition to see ahead into what you may want for yourself in the future. Do you see yourself still
studying what you're studying? Or spending time with who you're spending time with? Or even living where you live? Make some changes, it may seem scary at first, but being unsatisfied in your life
sounds even scarier. It's time for you to start to get up and take action.



of the people around him, what
do i do? talk to him rAtimal.y and
like let him know that there are facts
out there he can look up like no one
should kove trump like no

my partner and i crossed a
threshold where we started
saying i love you to one another
but then she retreated, what do I
do now, are my feelings unfair?
its hard cuse· love isnt alwyas
straightforward and so,etimes you find
love with someone who youbthought
wasnt the one but you gotta have
Greetings. Welcome to Wasted Advice, wherein you ask for advice humility and patience and be open
and I continue to get drunk and advise you. We both win. You can · to people changing its notnalwyas a
ask me the questions you can't ask your resident advisor.

should i go Into academia? no its
rly shotty and competitve ~d mean
but also like you'll make bank but like
fuck that ugh academics are crazy
im a single mom and In think my
kid is maybe acts in a way thats
unnerving to others, or is creepy,
what do I do? hmm therapy maybe
or like keave urbkid alone its just gonna
be creepy. you have a lil guy and some
kids are like creepy n weird idk
How do I stop resenting my
friend for being an insensitive
prick that one time? Either stop or
don't/. Being drunk helps i gots to say.
Maybe just like yell at them and then


feel better???????!? But like buddy I am
a junior in college who texted my mom
to get her to remind me how to make
spaghetti so don't listen to me is what
my real advice is, bud

i identify as queer but Ive never
had a relationship outside of
what one would consider a
heteronormative cis relationship
how do i reconcile this part of
myself? hey nonone can tell u ur not
queer ur notnappropriating anything
and undont have to live it ur queer af
if u know u are thats upto you
i think my little brother might be
becoming conservative because

my parents are asking to borrow
money, what do i do? youve got
tonset boundaries abt how much you
can support someone without hurting
urse,fnand ur place in ..the workd but
also like dont abandon them but dont
let them take advantage of u ya know
Why are there so many weirdos
on dating sites and where have
all the good men gone? You guys.
Please listen to me. Listen to us. Boys
are awful???? Do not wa~t men. That
is the best advice i can give you -- date
girls. But also girls can be awful too??
And so can nb people???? everyone is
aawaful or has the capacity to be.I've
dated many genres of people, all can

be he worst tbh. Get cats. Have neat
friends. Read weird books and eat
good food also drink and ignor death.

my brother from Oregon wants
to send me a bunch of weed in
the mall, what should i do? dont
do it like thats gonna be shady af just
drive to him and getbit cause otherwise
ur gonna get arrested
Should I keep trying to be friends
with and casually sleeping with
this dude who like never answers
me and is always too busy to
hangout but is so sweet when
we are together? Also its really
good sex. Help me? But also like
dump that dude. You desreve someone
who answers you. And hangs out with
you. Those are two primo qualities in a
person to talk to. You will find another
good fuck who is sometimes piece to
Why do I want my ex back so
bad all of a sudden? Because lif is
horrible and cyclical and yr probably
just sad nd bored or someting. Idk. do
not do the thing. The "ex" is there for a
reason my dudeski
Got problems? We can help! You can
sub~t questions anonymously to ask.fin/
wastedadvice or email wastedadvice@

by Lortz


by Odin Coleman


IS"'" D8:Ef'.9{;f\, '"~

~, MY DE'AR. 11~- KAPPUS,




A~W ME 1':I &GIN TH IS LE"TU. 8'I' Ft>RMAl.l'r
IJEll AS R>R 1H!;'" M.JTruf\ SOl!N(11vr JUST ~O MJN~\,

~ l'Vt Rlll1'1r> 1'WSEtF IN l'UAAl CZEot,SUJHr/v1A,f TO SE'
_ _a!!!1111,,.1:fF,(\~ l DON'T~ Wl,\V l'I" ftEPE~O,,
iWtY t'fft COR~SPOtJDUIG \,f ml Vou
INlHE FIRST f'Va.A~rm>IY, l'M

,(fEUNG M£R'l'~Y~ 'PfD I/IINc
IKi!<f NOW f f,/1\ ~ t - l i ' .GOING
,Ollf" f ~lt-lG ANOlliER ~ ,

so 1·u. tE/WE"WJII wrru,111s:



fOR_lr(OU.f Cl<r
I ARE'Tit: S flll,J(EVtN


·-RNfJE'R M. Rllf<E.

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